Find variety of Casino games in Asia Gaming Casino

Asia Gaming Casino is a service provider of online gaming solutions, especially in Southeast Asia. The origin can be traced back to 2012 the business establishment, is pledged to facilitate players from anywhere in the world to enjoy a well-connected gaming experience anytime with reputed online bookmakers, spearheaded by H3bet, the most reliable betting site in Malaysia. The unique feature is live streaming of every possible casino events conducted on a particular day.

Asia Gaming Casino renders a steady and secure app that is deep-seated with switching from one game to another within no time.Mostly sponsored by H3bet, not less than 10,000 participants are online daily at any given point of time amidst multiple gaming options. Gaming casinos ensureto cater to an entire ambit of entertaining and sensible gaming ambience in your comfort zone, be at home or in an outdoor resort.

Live dealer platform

Asia Gaming Casino accounts for a plethora of live dealer products, which mainly comprises of five lobbies wherefrom you can select your most favourite game. The available live casino lobbies are AGIN, VIP, AGQ, BID and MULTIPLAY.

Each lobby carries its speciality. Some of the innovative elements offered at AG tables are wait for me component, which enables you to control the game you are playing at a given moment. It may vary from changing the dealer, shuffling cards, selecting another game or betting on all simultaneously.

Live dealer gaming varieties

The gaming variety has plenty of options. It integrates a range of Baccarat variations, Blackjack, Roulette, Bullfight, Bull Bull, Win Three Cards Dragon Tiger and SicBo. Live dealer tables are designated for all sorts of players, belonging to any country, to select a table with a budget-friendly betting stake.

An overview of a few casino games

  • Dragon Tiger

It is a variation of poker games. Alternatively, some of the players term it as a two-card version of Baccarat. The relevant two cards are Tiger and Dragon, and the players have to place a bet on the value of the card. Dragon Tiger is not a hard proposition, and you can grasp it quickly.

  • Baccarat

It boasts of one of the most highly preferred casino games in Singapore Bettingwith decent stakes involved. At AGIN Lobby, interested players are free to choose from a cluster of Baccarat tables at stakes, ranging from $5 to as high as $ 2 million. Similarly, AGQ Lobby also extends a line-up of Baccarat tables as per gaming rules.

  • Bull Bull

Bull Bull is an ancient game of cards. Alternatively, you can call it Bullfight. The cards are shuffled quickly, and the results are instant. The game is simple and takes no time to end.


It is a dice game vastly popular in the Asian region. People play it for its broad avenues of betting possibilities and chances of winning the odds. SIC BIO is a game of three dice. The whole process represents placing the bets on a table. The organizer follows suit by picking up the dice and putting them in a tiny container and shakes it. Then the dealer opens the container, shows the combination, and declares the winner.

The Betting Malaysia casinoscontribute to a distinct playing environment 24×7, which is safe and secure. The live dealer gaming system has a gaming approval by Gaming Laboratory International (GLI) and has a license from First Cagayan.

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