Top 5 Rumors on Malaysia Betting


Malaysia in recent days has become one of the most developing nations in the Southeast Asian territory. The financial growth has been quite significant since its independence in the year 1957 from the British rule. Betting Malaysia is quite popularand both local citizens and players all over the world are quite keen to betting games through online betting domains.

With the advent of the internet, the wealthy Malaysians have found some options to engage in betting quite successfully. The most suitable option is online betting, which has an international tag on its entity and accessible to all regardless of nationality.

H3bet is regarded as the best online betting site and is immensely popular in Malaysia due to its reliability and tried-and-true elements duly recognized by the Betting Malaysia. Top 5 rumours are accounted here below for a true assessment of the betting scenario prevailing over the peninsula.

  1. Increase in tax revenue

It is rumoured that the recent news of tax hike in Malaysia will have a drastic impact on the betting infrastructure present in the country. The tax is supposed to be calculated on the gross revenue and subsequently will have a cascading effect on online betting scenario by way of increased entry fee and other inseparable charges. Still, one feels that it is not a big cause of concern because if you play with high stakes, there is every possibility to multiply your gains and under these circumstances, levy of additional tax should not bother you.            

  • Threat from tax sleuths

The revenue generated from betting is gross income. The online gambling outfit will retain the tax amount (25 to 30% approximately) and pay out the rest amount to you. As regards tax returns, you need to lodge your legitimate claim to the competent authorities.

So, the rumour of tax authorities to press charges against you is baseless, as the online betting site is not hiding any earning from the government.

  • Betting on football

Badminton is the most popular sports in Malaysia and the general impression is that the bettors are more interested in betting on this particular game.However, Malaysians are more inclined towards football betting. Bettors irrespective of age enthusiastically participate in betting in international soccer matches more than the local football leagues through online betting and enjoy to their heart’s content.

  • Physical casinos are non existent

The only land-based casino operating in Malaysia is the Genting Highlands Resort in the Titiwangsa Mountain Range. The location is serene, spellbinding, and an added attraction for tourists visiting the country. The nearby theme park and clusters of luxurious hotels at an high altitude are exquisite on their own. Therefore, the rumour that there is no offline casino in Malaysia is not true.

  • Myths regardingmotor racing events

We presume that motor racing events are only popular in Europe. Again, it is not correct. The domestic super league is ever popular spectacle for Malaysian citizens. It hosts two major motor racing events i.e., Motorcycle Grand Prix and Formula One Grand Prix. People all over the world throng to witness the carnival and bettors find a great opportunity to rely on online betting with immense satisfaction.


In spite of the above betting rumours, it remains to be seen how the future is shaping for Malaysia Betting.

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