If Betting Singapore is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

Singapore, the destination for luxury and tourism is equally popular among the betting enthusiasts. Betting in Singapore is very much traditional. There are enough examples of people making huge bucks participating in betting here. However, in the past few years, perceptions are being created in a strategic way that betting should be avoided. They say many things, like betting, is addictive; it has ruined many families, etc. But, the fact is that all such perceptions are limited within the publications or certain groups of media only.

The purpose behind such accusations or publications is a strategic effort by certain business groups (which includes betting houses from other nations as well). Their claims can be easily flouted as they don’t have any data to prove. Rather, there are enough statistics available in favour of betting in Singapore. The best part is that, the statistics or surveys are made by top renowned agencies. Let’s take a peek into the matter.

Reports regarding interest in betting

As said above, the survey or statistical reports by renowned agencies like the National Council on Problem Gambling have proved it many times that the number of people participating in gambling in Singapore is increasing. Specifically, games like 4D are dragging many attentions. The number of participants has immensely increased for Toto as well. Interestingly, several permanent residents of Singapore are showing interest in gambling.

It’s not that interest has suddenly increased; rather, it has been pretty consistent. Reports by NCPG suggest that around 44 percent of Singapore’s permanent residents were involved in betting in 2014, which has crossed 52 percent in the year 2017. One may take a look at the survey reports of NCPG from the year 2005, or even before. It will be evident in each case that the number of participants is simply increasing for betting in Singapore.

Is betting affecting Singapore socially and financially?

Some claims betting in Singapore is not good for society or mental health. There is no evidence to prove such claims. In contrary, there are enough reports available to claim that Singapore has a fun loving, warm and welcoming society. It is quite obvious that a nation with bad reputation about its society can’t be a leading tourist destination. On the other hand, it is known to everyone that Singapore has been, and is consistently growing as a favourite tourist destination.

Coming to the claims that Singapore betting is affecting people financially, there is also no logic behind this as it’s proven that per capita income of people in Singapore has significantly grown. Moreover, several investors showing interest in the Singaporean market has also grown immensely. There is no secret about the growth of real estate in the nation, and interest of people to own a property either. Rather, due to betting, finance is coming to the market at a greater rate in Singapore.

Ultimately, it’s on the individual to decide whether he/she is interested in betting or not. But as far as betting in Singapore is concerned, there is enough evidence to claim that it is steady, established and thriving due to the presence of this industry.

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