If Betting Malaysia Is So Bad, Why Don’t Statistics Show It?

Malaysia is always known for its betting. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a genuine interest for betting among people here. However, it is seen in the past few months that talks are going around regarding the status of betting here in Malaysia. Many negative reports are floating around about betting in Malaysia. This has specifically appeared after the changes in laws or regulations regarding betting in Malaysia. Anyway, the negative speculations about betting are baseless.

Does the reform in betting laws indicate its negativity?

It’s stupid and idiotic to make claims of such that reforms in betting regulations have been made due to its negativity. It is also not true that the reforms are making people least interested in it. One should understand that if betting in Malaysia were bad, there would be prohibitions; not reforms. People should understand that there is a difference between prohibition and reform.

The reforms or transforms that have been introduced in this regard is to ensure that betting, which holds a great interest in Malaysia is not conducted illegally. Good news is that the outcome of this reform has been quite phenomenal and inspiring. It can be claimed that the reform has made betting practices occur strategically and systematically in Malaysia unlike before.

Encouraging tourism and finance

Betting in Malaysia has never affected people financially. Since 1960, Malaysia has witnessed its highest per capita income in the past financial quarter. The rate of GDP has also increased in a noteworthy fashion. First of all, per capita, income and GDP always indicate the financial health of a nation or state and Malaysia seems pretty stable.

Additionally, the foreign investment has also grown comparatively; one may take reference from the official government sites in this regard. Coming to social value, Malaysia has witnessed around 2.5 million Chinese tourists this year, which was 2.2 million last year. Malaysia economy receives RM84b from tourism itself. A nation with affected social value is impossible to witness such significant hikes.

No facts behind the claim

Negativity regarding Malaysia betting is rubbished by most experts as there is no believable evidence available in this regard. No one should believe anything that is purely based on assumptions. To claim something or to believe in something, there must be enough statistical or factual data behind it.

However, in the case of the negativities being spread regarding betting in Malaysia, there is absolutely no evidence available. Rather, there are numerous reports available online claiming that betting in Malaysia has a strong enough positive impact on both the country and the players. Not just the participants, the gambling activities in Malaysia have enormously increased as well in the past few years.

Along with the traditional betting activities, other newly introduced activities have also grown by five percent in Malaysia. According to reports, several foreign participants in betting in Malaysia has also grown significantly in the past few years. Specifically, the recent reforms in the laws have made them free of doubts. 

To conclude, the negativities regarding betting in Malaysia are absurd. These are mere efforts of illegal agencies to defame this vast industry.

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